TOURNAMENT RULES (Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis)

The King of 94 tournament is for those who want to play for the title of being the BEST NHL'94 player in the world!

The Duke of 94 tournament is for those who enjoy playing in an NHL'94 tournament.

King of '94 and Duke of '94 will follow the same rules and format.

You can only register for one tournament per console. You are allowed to register for a tournament for both consoles.

1. In-Game Settings

5 minute periods, no offsides, penalties on, no line changes, manual goalie

2. Selecting Teams:

Round Robin: The schedule will already be pre-set. If you are the visiting team, you will choose the two teams that will play in the game, the home player will pick their choice of those teams.

You must pick ALL different teams for your called matchups as the visiting team during the round-robin. ​​​Example: If you choose CHI vs DET in your first game, you can't call either team for the rest of the round-robin in any of your match-up callings. 

Playoff Bracket: In each best of 3 series Games 1, 2 (and 3 if necessary) must all have different teams. This rule resets for each new series. Different teams must be used for the entire series regardless of who is picking them. A coin flip will take place in discord by typing the command "!flip". The loser of the coming toss will be the visiting team.

Example:  The coin toss loser calls NYR/BOS for game 1. Game 2, the coin flip reverses, and the coin toss loser must pick two other teams, they choose CHI/DET. If there's a game 3, the coin toss loser can pick any match up that doesn't include NYR, BOS, CHI or DET. They choose HFD vs NYI.

If the same two players meet later in the bracket, then no coin flip would take place. The player who won the previous coin flip will now be the coin-flip loser and choose the teams. They would continue to alternate coin flips results with each ensuing game. 

3. If there is a game malfunction, please save the state, then reload the state and start the game from there.

If this is not possible, then the game will restart with the score of the game and play the number of periods that were remaining (a partial period would count as a full period).

Example: The score is 3-1 for Player A and the game malfunctions half-way through the 3rd period. The game is restarted, with the same teams, and 1 whole period is played. The score in the new game is 3-0 Player B. The total score is 4-3 Player B, so Player B wins. If the total score is tied, use the next period(s) as the overtime period.

4. No games will end in a tie. We are using the playoff rom which has endless overtime. Play until the game is over.

5. Substituting for an Extra Attacker: This is the only time pausing is allowed during gameplay. The goalie can be pulled at any time when the puck is in the neutral zone or in the offensive zone. You must have control of the puck if you are pulling him when in your defensive zone. You can only put the goalie back in immediately after a whistle (before a faceoff).

6. You can use any controller or keyboard to play.

7. Editing lines: Player or goalie changes will be allowed at the beginning of the game, intermissions, player injury and when a time out is called by either team. If you would like to make a change at intermission, it's recommended you immediately change at the end of the period, prior to when the menu pops up, to ensure the next period doesn't start before you make your change. The home team has the right to a final change. If you change your lines at an unapproved time, your opponent is entitled to ask you to change it back and you must comply. Please be respectful and be fast when making changes. 

8. 6 goal mercy rule: Once a player has a 6 goal spread, at any point, the game is considered finished and that score will be recorded. Do not continue playing the game. 

9. Glitches/Bugs : If it's in the game, it's in the game. We've accepted to play through these instances when they occur.

10. We encourage players to resolve any dispute amongst themselves. Halifax and Smozoma will resolve any disputes if the players cannot come to an agreement.



(Formats subject to change to ensure the best competition based on the number of participants and amount of equipment available - THIS APPLIES TO IN-PERSON TOURNAMENT ONLY)

1. Players will be guaranteed a minimum of 8 games.

2. A round-robin format schedule will be pre-set and each player will be playing an equal number of home and away games in their group.

3. All groups are pre-seeded based on skills and previous results. Multiple "experienced" tournament players will be consulted to assist with group rankings.

4. Scores will be recorded in discord

5. Once the round Robin is completed. Players will be seeded** and will move into a double-elimination bracket. Those players who have a .500 win percentage or better will start on the winner's bracket side. The rest will start on the loser bracket side. 

6. The format will consist of the best of 3 series on the winner's bracket side. The loser's bracket side is a best of 1 until the loser bracket final which will revert back to best of 3. The winner’s bracket champion and loser’s bracket champion match where it will be a best of 5 with the winner’s bracket champion having an automatic 1-0 series lead.

7. Trophies given to the winners. Other prizes will be handed out.


1. Highest number of wins

2. Largest Plus/Minus spread

3. Fewest allowed goals.

4. The player who registered for the tournament the earliest. (Hey, it's better than a coin flip)


NOTE: There will be no 2v2 tournament for the King of 94 - 6 tournament
1. There is no Round Robin, it is a double-elimination bracket.

2. Teams will be placed in the bracket at random.

3. No match up calling. The visiting team picks their choice of team. The home team picks their choice of the team (must be a different team than the visiting team). Same matchups are allowed each game if preferred.

3. Each series is a best of three on both the winners and loser side of the bracket.

4. The final will be a best of 7 with the winner’s bracket champion having an automatic 1-0 series lead.