Rank ▲▼ Player City Rating
1 ▲1 John MacDougall (Dangler) Bedford, NS, CAN 1150
2 ▲6 ♔ Adam Giles (bobkudelski26) Ottawa, ON, CAN 1112
3 ▲1 Nicholas Wong (Koke) Vancouver, BC, CAN 1112
4   ♔♔♔ Mikail Fancy (kingof94) Toronto, ON, CAN 1092
5 ►0 Jason To (The Professor) Toronto, ON, CAN 1089
6 ►0 Oliver Hirst (Annatar) Montreal, QC, CAN 1071
7 ▲3 Raphael Frydman (KingRaph) Cranford, NJ, USA 1070
8   Kevin Hicks (Federline) Richmond, BC, CAN 1041
9 ▲16 Ken MacKenzie (Sickfish24) Georgetown, ON, CAN 1006
10   Zubin Parihar Vancouver, BC, CAN 1004
11 ▲7 Jon Bailey (TecmoJon) Blaine, MN, USA 998
12   Jamil Karimani (Jammer) Vancouver, BC, CAN 989
13   Dafydd Pritchet (Daf) Victoria, BC, CAN 986
14 ▲1 Robert McFarlane (Rooster) Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 986
15   Taimur Fancy (chongo) Toronto, ON, CAN 970
16   Greg Cundari (Angryjay93) Sacramento, CA, USA 960
17 ▲14 Mark Hopkins (McMarkis) Brampton, ON, CAN 949
18   Laith Toma (TokenToma) Austin, TX, USA 942
19 ▼7 Michael Stanton (Stantonator) Maple Ridge, BC, CAN 939
20   Rishad Daroowala Vancouver, BC, CAN 933
21 ▲11 Andrew Lambert (TheWiz84) Burlington, ON, CAN 929
22 NR George E. (Gyros&Pizza) Bobcaygeon, ON, CAN 925
23   Raamayan Ananda (Dethrox) Coquitlam, BC, CAN 898
24 ▲3 Mike Vikse (Mikeyv04) Crossfield, AB, CAN 887
25   Cory Hill (The90Jacket) Saskatoon, SK, CAN 887
26 NR Brice R. (Yepster) Scarborough, ON, CAN 885
27 ▲63 Andrew Jermyn (Tony Twist) Toronto, ON, CAN 881
28 ►0 Darrell Sampson  (Halifax) Saskatoon, SK, CAN 878
29 ►0 Philip Sackfield (Skankhunt42) Toronto, ON, CAN 874
30   Brian Gorecki (Stheds2000) Saskatoon, SK, CAN 869
31   Mat Schwartz (schwartz) Winnipeg, MB, CAN 869
32 NR Jackson M. (Jmoneyyyy04 ) Barrie, On, CAN 865
33 ▼13 John Leparulo (johnzors) Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 860
34   Jean-Carlo Arbaiza (JotaC007) QC, CAN 859
35   Kris Mack New Westminster, BC, CAN 855
36 NR Alex S. (Janitor_of_94) Mississauga, ON, CAN 825
37   Nick Comte (Joe Baker) PA, USA 815
38 ▼5 Daniel Cavalieri (BabyPiranha37/Psychocandy) Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 807
39   Daniel Slattery (DPS) Chicago, IL, USA 806
40 ▲1 Evan Pooley (Mooney) Dartmouth, NS, CAN 805
41   Coltin Lillico Vancouver, BC, CAN 797
42 ▲29 Tom Douridas (Street Mage) Toronto, ON, CAN 793
43   Randy Dalit (Millertime_Van) Vancouver, BC, CAN 789
44   Dustin Rushnick (Straka82) CAN 788
45 NR Peter H. (Slippery Pete) Saint John, NB, CAN 765
46   Maxim QC, CAN 756
47   Geoffrey Lillico Vancouver, BC, CAN 754
48 ▲20 Giancarlo Mellace (Gianfonz) Caledon, ON, CAN 753
49   Mathieu Lague-Gomez (OmegaRed) Montreal, QC, CAN 753
50   Vic A (BlackDevil19) NJ, USA 752
51   Brian Toohey (birdman8686) AB, CAN 749
52   Rohaan Daroowala Vancouver, BC, CAN 748
53   Gregory Kiempisty (TheRexerShow) Las Vegas, NV, USA 747
54 NR Chris A. (TreewoodStudios) Toronto, ON, CAN 745
55   Kevin Brown (corbettkb) Dallas, TX, USA 744
56   Tyler Hill (Tylerdeanhill) Melfort, SK, CAN 742
57 ▲21 Nick K. Nepean, ON, CAN 739
58   Ben McDonnell WI, USA 739
59   Kev Lescisin (TheKZA) Coquitlam, BC, CAN 734
60   Dan Benesh (danTML7) Regina, SK, CAN 728
61   John Glass (Chaos) Monroe, NJ, USA 727
62   Chris Douridas (CAPSBABY) Burlington, ON, CAN 727
63   Jared Brown Saskatoon, SK, CAN 724
64   Patrick K (Pat-Man) QC, CAN 723
65   Matt McKay (MattIceFire) Edmonton, AB, CAN 715
66   Andrew Fishman (PistolPete42) USA 715
67   Patrick Dubé QC, CAN 714
68   James Modano (clockwise) Philadelphia, PA, USA 712
69   Ryan Anderson WI, USA 705
70 NR Nick R. (Rankstarr) Fonthill, ON, CAN 705
71   Bradley Metcalfe (Mr. Pow) Edmonton, AB, CAN 703
72   Sebastien Cyr (Poornichon) Ste-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, CAN  702
73   Etienne Evans (etevans) Mont-Royal, QC, CAN 697
74   Val Sisti (Big__Valboski) Maywood, NJ, USA 697
75   Dan Kastilahn (DanK) Evanston, IL, USA 691
76 ▲37 Aaron Gambacort (Gambi) Brantford, ON, CAN 690
77   Rich Hernandez Vancouver, BC, CAN 690
78   Michael Capewell (smozoma) Ottawa, ON, CAN 688
79   Kyle Lescisin (toddthestarboy) Vancouver, BC, CAN 687
80 NR Rahil V. (AngryBrownDude) Mississauga, ON, CAN 685
81 NR Adam T. (MALI) Bobcaygeon, ON, CAN 685
82   INDIO AB, CAN 682
83   Brent Adnam (baberg18) Saskatoon, SK, CAN 680
84   Ryan Walsh (jacanuck) ON, CAN 678
85   Ryan Wilkinson Ogden, UT, USA 678
86   Jason D QC, CAN 675
87 ▲21 Cohen Makino-To (Lil Prof ) Toronto, ON, CAN 675
88   Francis Buennagel (Mort) Chicago, IL, USA 671
89   Adam Boucher WI, USA 671
89   Matt91 QC, CAN 671
91   Sheldon Riess Vancouver, BC, CAN 669
92 NR Adam M. (themac33ca) Georgetown, ON, CAN 665
93   Ben Gwin (mightyeskimo) PA, USA 663
94   Erik Pålshammar (M.Bison) Borlange, Sweden 656
95   Roger Leonard Calgary, AB, CAN 655
96   Jean-Francois Gagne Chambly, QC, CAN 654
97   Mike Norwood (SNESboy) Toronto, ON, CAN 653
98   Troy Frisque (Trojan) Green Bay, WI, USA 652
99   Steve Johnson Saskatoon, SK, CAN 651
100   Philippe Gadras (lego) Quebec City, QC, CAN 644
101   macattack CAN 642
102   John Hills (skills324) IL, USA 639
103   Michael Perich Delta, BC, CAN 637
104   Charlie Reibsamen WI, USA 637
105   Eric Vostal (EA) Chicago, IL, USA 634
106   Christophe Duranko (CosmicTrashPanda) PA, USA 624
106   Jaime Alencastro (jmomonyc) NY, USA 624
108   Michael Snihur (thatdrizzle) NY, USA 618
109   Chris Allison (kidswasted) NH, USA 610
110   Scott Sternal (niuhuskie224) IL, USA 609
111   Ramiz Fargo (nhl94og) CA, USA 609
112   Marc-André Cloutier (El Clouter) Brossard, QC, CAN 602
113   Cliff Blyth Edmonton, AB, CAN 602
114   James Benesh (seventieslord) Regina, SK, CAN 597
115   Kenny Enns Abbotsford, BC, CAN 590
116   Nicolas Fleury (Nidoizo) QC, CAN 587
117   Mathieu Gagnon QC, CAN 586
118   Adam Molnar (IrishAdRock) Whitby, ON, CAN 586
119   Heinz Heise (Heinz57) ONT, CAN 585
120   Jeff Wright (JeffBC) Surrey, BC, CAN 582
121   Jay Reid River John, NS, CAN 580
122   Neal Garand Saskatoon, SK, CAN 578
123   Ben Beyer Maple Ridge, BC, CAN 574
124   Adam Carson (Boknowsnhl94) Pittsburgh, PA, USA 570
125   Pierreman666 CAN 569
126   Artie Rastelli (Triple A) NJ, USA 565
127   Derrick Schwabe (Schwabe) Edmonton, AB, CAN 565
128   J-F Bombardier QC, CAN 564
129   Ken Nielsen (KN) Port Sydney, ON, CAN 564
130   Kevin Cabarello Columbus, OH, USA 562
131   Mike Gastonguay MA, USA 561
132   Dan Cameron Mission, BC, CAN 558
133   Ryan Dunn Red Deer, AB, CAN 555
134   Levi Horton Camrose, AB, CAN 549
135   Johnny Reid River John, NS, CAN 544
136   Matthew Civiero (Gonzo) Burlington, ON, CAN 543
137   Dominic Farley Chambly, QC, CAN 542
137   Shaun Ludwar Surrey, BC, CAN 542
139   Jason Watier Saskatoon, SK, CAN 542
140   Slippery Pete NB, CAN 537
141   Tim Ubick (The Shield) WI, USA 534
142   Aaron Fesh (Roseart2) CO, USA 533
142   Brian Skokowski (brianski71) PA, USA 533
142   Brian Yong (byong) Vancouver, BC, CAN 533
142   Cory Reid (reid3434) SK, CAN 533
142   Jeff Turek (OG Bloomfield) PA, USA 533
142   Mathieu Lacombe (MatLak) QC, CAN 533
142   Matt Luketic (Adam Banks 99) PA, USA 533
149   Michael Sroka (Coffey) Farmington Hills, MI, USA 531
150   Sean Wilkinson  Ogden, UT, USA 530
151   Charles Courteau Ste-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, CAN  530
152   Juice McFarland Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 522
153   Derek R. (GottaGo2Work) Richmond Hill, ON, CAN 521
154   Joseph Moore (Green Majik) WI, USA 520
155   Michael Hunter Saskatoon, SK, CAN 517
156   Jesse Kane Saskatoon, SK, CAN 511
157   Sean Harris Chilliwack, BC, CAN 511
158   Colin Busby Halifax, NS, CAN 508
159   Marco F (Diabledesbois) QC, CAN 506
160   Lee Kormish Saskatoon, SK, CAN 506
161   Mark Fudge Waterloo, ON, CAN 503
162   Tyler Votaw (tvotaw9) St. Louis, MO, USA 502
163   Karl Martin Saskatoon, SK, CAN 501
164   Eric Simard (Bob Barlac) Brampton, ON, CAN 500
164   Jack Kim WI, USA 500
164   Jean-François Leboeuf QC, CAN 500
164   Justin Tran (TranMan) Welland, ON, CAN 500

Need More Data:

  Ken Porter Victoria, BC, CAN

  Jeff Holt Oakland, CA, USA

  Steven Dipede Vaughn, ON, CAN

  Josh S. Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Sean Cunningham (SlapshotSean) Chicago, IL, USA

  Jason Gratton Melfort, SK, CAN

  Andrew Kenakin (Drill Sarg) Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Navid Ramer Victoria, BC, CAN

  Jean Philippe Latendresse QC, CAN

  Bryce Kaminsky (Ice Bryce) MB, CAN

  Ben Leonard Calgary, AB, CAN

  Ryan Beckman  New York, NY, USA

  Donnie MacInnis Halifax, NS, CAN

  Jon Widawsky New York, NY, USA

  Logan Tessier (Logan) North Battleford, SK, CAN

  Curtis Dacey Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Raphael Philibert-Larivee (Raginator) Montreal, QC, CAN

  Bob F QC, CAN

  Fred D QC, CAN

  Gabriel QC, CAN

  Jeff M QC, CAN

  Pavel QC, CAN

  Ryan Murphy WI, USA

  Steve QC, CAN

  Matt C. Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Jeremy Wark (Jer_33) Thunder Bay, ON, CAN

  Max Boudreau Montreal, QC, CAN

  Bobby Bambury Fort Saskatchewan, AB, CAN

  Ko Currie Toronto, ON, CAN

  Curtis Wilson Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Patrick Ferlias Ajax, ON, CAN

  William M NV, USA

  Robert Krahenbil Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Sean Cameron New Westminster, BC, CAN

  Brad C. Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Danny Fiddler (Fiddz) Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Benedict Bauer (KaBa78) Baden-Württemberg, Germany

  Mike Riggle (Munster_82) PA, USA

  Paul Liadis (bigdirkmalone) PA, USA

  Scott Stiteler (scooterpgh) PA, USA

  Wes Dewhurst (Penguin66No1) PA, USA

  Cory Krahenbil Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Mark Ryan (Marker) Ajax, ON, CAN

  Ryan Chipeniuk Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Tom Stahnke Chicago, IL, USA

  Jonn Lovick Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Jared Sparrow Victoria, BC, CAN

  Kurtis Wilkinson Rock Springs, WY, USA

  Mikey McBryan (Mcmikey) Hay River, NWT, CAN

  Mark Mcgrath Toronto, ON, CAN

  Andrew Sadowski Toronto, ON, CAN

  Jonny Raynes Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Moe Man WI, USA

  CJ Gibson (Thevideoguy) San Francisco ,CA, USA

  Nathan McLean Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Yanick Ménard QC, CAN

  Simon Rayment Toronto, ON, CAN

  Slapshot67 Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Rodney Charles Toronto, ON, CAN

  Sean Rayment Toronto, ON, CAN

  Patrick Byrne (Bob_Probert) Montreal, QC, CAN

  Nyland Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Pat Halifax, NS, CAN

  Hank the Tank WI, USA

  Gord Folk Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Nico Chicago, IL, USA

  Randy R QC, CAN

  Sandro Fogagnolo QC, CAN

  Shayne MacMullen Toronto, ON, CAN

  Drew Alford Barrie, On, CAN

  Kaetyn St.Hilaire (8ersgonna88888) Calgary, AB, CAN

  Gregory Donaldson Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Josh Reitan (Leif Erikson) Chanhassen, MN, USA

  Kellan Johnson (ThePimpImp) Victoria, BC, CAN

  Antonio Fava (Shaftman) Montreal, QC, CAN

  Casey Alford  (CaseyBC) Maple Ridge, BC, CAN

  Jody Zalapski Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Joël de la Boursodière QC, CAN

  Steve Sorge Oakvile, ON, CAN

  Anthony Figluizzi Woodbridge, ON, CAN

  Rob Enns Chilliwack, BC, CAN

  Troy Evers (NMU Fred) WI, USA

  Carter (Lil Trojan) WI, USA

  Tyler MacNeil Dartmouth, NS, CAN

  Scott S. (mikegartner22) NY, USA

  Matt Brehaut (1Timer) Cathedral Bluffs, SK, CAN

  Chris Isherwood Toronto, ON, CAN

  Jeff Feuerstein Brooklyn, NY, USA

  Zahir Nathoo North Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Matt D Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Hassan Champsi Mississauga, ON, CAN

  Simon Boudreault QC, CAN

  Randip Janda (from Sportsnet) Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Nicolas Gauna QC, CAN

  Paul-André Struthers QC, CAN

  Daryl Stewart Dartmouth, NS, CAN

  Sebastian Barrotta Toronto, ON, CAN

  John Davy Orangeville, ON, CAN

  Gregger Achtemichuck Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Shaquille Dhanji Coquitlam, BC, CAN

  Chris Ascenzi Keswick, ON, CAN

  Chris Giles Guelph, ON, CAN

  Trevor Rideout Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Gabi D Chicago, IL, USA

  Dan Riccio (from Sportsnet) Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Nicolas Bouffard QC, CAN

  Alain Jobin Oshawa, ON, CAN

  Cody Finney Oakvile, ON, CAN

  Ted Brander Dartmouth, NS, CAN

  Ryan Cho Coquitlam, BC, CAN

  Matt Young Saskatoon, SK, CAN

  Tyler Bertrand QC, CAN

  Daniel Ambercrombie Toronto, ON, CAN

  Jason Reese Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Graham T WI, USA

  Edwin Zacharski Livonia, MI, USA

  John McMullen Mississauga, ON, CAN

  Matt S (Lumberjack Cracks) Chicago, IL, USA

  Jazib Khan Toronto, ON, CAN

  Blair Jacobs (Wu-Tang) Etobicoke, ON, CAN

  Craig MacMaster Lower Sackville, NS, CAN

  Eric Ng Toronto, ON, CAN

  Jérémy Grégoire QC, CAN

  Dominic Sramaty (from Sportsnet) Vancouver, BC, CAN

  Phil Naumann Chicago, IL, USA

  Christophe Dickey QC, CAN

  Daniel Simms Westphal, NS, CAN

  Anthony QC, CAN

  Arsen QC, CAN

  Cedrick QC, CAN

  David B QC, CAN

  Dr Mario QC, CAN

  Johnny G QC, CAN

  Kaveh F Montreal, QC, CAN

  Keven QC, CAN

  LyleOdelein QC, CAN

  Patrick QC, CAN

  Raphael QC, CAN

  Richard Aisman Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Frédéric Fecteau QC, CAN

  Jonathan Hiseler Halifax, NS, CAN

  Shane P WI, USA

  Brock WI, USA

  Rob Barrett Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Arda Ocal New York, NY, USA

  Adam Marsh Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Chris K WI, USA

  Kevin Bittorf Edmonton, AB, CAN

  Tim Papi WI, USA

  Laura Duket WI, USA

  Carl K WI, USA

  Ryan WI, USA

  Levi Lacrosse WI, USA

  Billy duket WI, USA

  Baconfan WI, USA

  Ben Gillen WI, USA

  Anthony O WI, USA

Welcome to the NHL'94 world rankings for Super Nintendo!

The rankings combine several factors to achieve a rating score. Here are some key points:

  1. Ratings points are given for tournament results, and are weighted-averaged across multiple events, so may not reflect head-to-head results. It is loosely based on IIHF world hockey rankings.
  2. A stronger weight is given to the overall strength of a tournament. The King of '94 tournaments receive the most weight as they attract largest, most talented field of players.
  3. A stronger weight is given for how recent the tournament is.
  4. Inactive players lose rating (restored if they play again), ~3.5% per season (roughly a year).
  5. A tournament is included if it meets the following criteria: 1. The tournament or event had an entry fee; 2. A prize was given to the winner. 3. The tournament included or was organized by a key member of the nhl94.com community.

If you spot an error or info that needs to be updated, please email nhl94king@gmail.com.​​