1. The tournament will be played on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles.
  2. Players will be guaranteed a minimum of 7 games. 
  3. There will be a round robin format.
  4. The round robin schedule will be pre-set and each player will play 3 home and 3 away. 
  5. All groups are pre-seeded based on skills and previous results. We may look at doing a draft system for this year(ie. allowing players from the first two tournaments to select their group).
  6. Players will be randomly assigned a number in their group and will play the schedule accordingly. 
  7. 2-3 consoles will be dedicated to each group in order to finish within 2 hours. 
  8. One scoresheet will be provided for the entire group and scores will be recorded at the tables they are playing at and will be collected once the entire group is complete. 
  9. Players will then be seeded**.
  10. Those players who win three games or more during round robin play will move on to the king of 94 bracket in best of 3s 
  11. The king of 94 bracket will continue until we are down to the final 8 in which it will convert to a double elimination format.
  12. The double elimination format will be best of 3 on the winners bracket side and single game on the loser's bracket side.
  13. Players that did not qualify for the king of 94 bracket will play in a consolation bracket. 
  14. Consolation bracket Format - Single game elimination. You can choose any team you want. Coin flip winner gets home team. Prize TBD.
  15. Prize money amount to be determined based on number of entries and will be given, at minimum, to the top 3 finishers on each console. 


  1. Highest number of wins
  2. Largest Plus/Minus spread
  3. Fewest allowed goals.
  4. The player who registered for the tournament the earliest.