Myth: Doesn't the wraparound ruin the competition?

There is no wraparound goalie bug in NHL'94. If you mean the cross-crease move, it is easily saved by using manual goalie.

Do you guys make any money off of this?


Never have and never will. We do this because it's fun for us and we want it to be fun for those that play in it as well. We give back as much of the registration fees in cash prizes/other prizes as possible, minus some expenses (trophies, advertising etc.). 

What is the refund policy?

There is no refund unless the tournament is cancelled. Registrations are transferable, however.

Is my registration fee transferable?

Yes, you can transfer your registration spot to another person if you are unable to attend.  Both parties must notify us if such an arrangement has taken place.

I haven't played in 20+ years! Do I have a chance at winning?

When we ran the first tournament in Toronto in 2015, we expected only online players to be competitive. To our surprise, a complete unknown won the entire tournament. He hadn't played in years until practicing a week before the tournament. In our second tournament in Las Vegas in 2017, the SNES bracket saw a player come down for a weekend for his friend's bachelor party and won! So, yes, you have a chance!

It does seem that SNES players adjust better. For Sega players, there is a handy site for learning some of the details that will help you compete at a high level: 

When will I know what group I’m in and what time I start playing?

The information will be provided to you three days in advance of the tournament via email. We may make some tweaks on the day to groups depending on no-shows.

Can I show up on tournament day to play if I haven't registered?

We cannot guarantee that you would get in the tournament. It would depend on group availability. Email us, at the latest, the day prior if you were hoping to participate -> We will respond and let you know.

Can spectators watch?

Yes of course! However, you may be subject to the $5 venue fee for the day.

Will it be streamed?

Yes. The plan is to stream on our Twitch channel.

What is the Code of Conduct?

We ask that you respect all participants at ALL times. 

Why are you using the King of 94 game settings: 5 min periods, no offsides, penalties on, no line changes, manual goalie on?

These are the standard rules used in most online NHL'94 leagues.  These rules create fast-paced, quick games. 

Some justification for these rules:

5 minute periods:  This results in games of about 11 minutes in real-time. Longer games would not allow us to play the 300+ games necessary for the tournament in one day.

No offsides:  The AI has a tendency to go offside or stay offside, causing unnecessary whistles, slowing the game down and making it longer.

No Line changes:  Players remain at full energy all game, for fast-paced action.  Setting up all lines would be time-consuming, and slower pace results in more overtimes so longer games.

Penalties: While it's unfortunately quite random who gets penalties, enabling penalties helps to prevent some 'cheese' moves such as ramming the goalie on SNES or excessive holding/hooking on Sega.

Manual goalie:  Taking manual control of the goalie to make a save is optional with manual goalie enabled. So if you don't want to use manual goalie, simply don't take control of the goalie, and he will behave exactly the same as the auto goalie.  So there is no reason to not enable the manual goalie setting. 

Can I use the time-out?

Yes, but not during play, only during stoppages. There’s only one time-out in the game. Please keep your break to no more than 20 seconds.

What is the Sega Genesis Weight bug and CB check?

Click on the link below for an explanation. The CB check is allowed during gameplay.

What is the SNES 'Y' trick?

If a player gets knocked down, the ‘Y’ button can be pressed and he will immediately get back up (what he’s actually doing is trying to hold a player).  This is allowed during gameplay.

What is a pass shot?

Pass shots are when you use your pass button to direct the puck into the net. They are allowed in the tournament. They are rare for Super Nintendo but common for Sega Genesis.

Here’s a video providing some examples of the genesis version.

Is it okay to view who is hot and cold?

It’s not necessary and we request that you skip it to save time. You can view the player’s ratings when editing lines.

What happens when a glitch occurs? 

For those that have played this game for a long time, at some point you’ve seen a glitch that occurred, and probably thought it was kind of funny (maybe not so much if you were scored on), but continued playing. We will take that same approach.  If it’s in the game, it’s in the game. 

Some rare, but known glitches:


1. Shooting the puck at the net after the whistle when a penalty shot has been called can result in a goal

2. Genesis: If you get 'stuck' as the goalie, 

a.   Your opponent is allowed to attempt to score on you (but can not delay the game in the eyes of the referee).
b.   To minimize your chance of getting stuck as the goalie, do not skate far from your net when you control the goalie and have the puck -- if you pass it and the pass is intercepted, you may get stuck as the goalie but without control.

3. Miracle goals such as the puck landing on top of the net and then falling through the net and in are counted.

Super Nintendo

1. Your own player or goalie is behind the net and attempts to clear the puck, having it go through the back of the net for a goal.

2. A penalty shot is awarded and the time expires. Occasionally it skips the penalty shot and you don’t get to take it.

3. A penalty shot is awarded and the puck shoots like a lightning bolt and gets stuck in the boards and cannot be retrieved.

Is there such a thing as a garbage goal or a cheap goal?

We do not feel there are any garbage or cheap goals that should be banned. Everything can be stopped by playing great defence or using the goalie to stop it.

Genesis: If the shooter loses the puck on a penalty shot (such as by being poke checked by the goalie), he is allowed to retrieve the puck and attempt to shoot again (contrary to NHL rules).

Wrap Around Goal or Cross-Crease Goal: This is a well-known scoring method and is permitted. It’s up to you to use your defenceman or manual goalie to stop it. It is actually rarely seen used by tournament veterans, because manual goalie shuts down that attack pretty well. The "goalie gets stuck on the post on a wraparound" is in SNES NHLPA'93 and Sega NHL'95, but not in either version of NHL'94.

Contact: if you need more clarification.