King of 94 - 6 (Dec 1-12, 2021)

(As remembered by Halifax - Apr 2023)

Our second (and hopefully last) online King of 94 tournament took place, which saw a return of many online players competing along with a couple of new "virtual" faces.

We went back to dividing it into registering for two separate tournaments for the King and Duke. While all players made the playoffs in the Kinf tournament, there was added incentive to finish .500 or better so you could start on the winner's side of the bracket, otherwise, you were sent to the loser's bracket to start your playoff run.

Round Robin groups were set to 8 games and you played a home and away against each person in your group. 

​Sega Genesis

​The Duke playoff tournament saw Halifax (that's me) make it all the way to play in his first Sega final before Big_vBalboski wrecked Halifax's dreams, and a chance to add "Duke Champion" to his resume. Big_V won 0-1, 5-3, 6-2, 4-2. Halifax quotes the wise words of Ray from Trailer Park Boys "Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. Today she didn't go and that's the way she goes."

On the King side, once again, the two Sega giants, Angryjay93 and Kingraph, smashed their way through the round-robin competition, each going 8-0 and locking up the top two seeds in the bracket. Another final between these two seemed well in the cards.

There were a lot of great games as the playoff bracket had 66% of the games won by two goals or less.

Something different would happen this time in the end. Angryjay93 (1) was upset in the winner's semi by CorbettKB (13) 5-3, 2-4, 6-5 and Kingraph (2) lost in the winner's semi to Tennessee Williams (3) 6-3, 5-4. They would then have to face each other in the third-place game. A bunch of goals were scored and Kingraph would come out on top 9-6. 

Tennessee Williams reached his first King of 94 final after beating CorbettKb in the winner's final 5-3, 7-6. Kingraph then had the next match with CorbetKB to determine who got the chance to play in the final. CorbetKB pulled off another upset taking down Kingraph 4-5, 6-2, 6-5. It would be the first time in tournament history that the final did not feature Kingraph or Angryjay93.

CorbettKB would be playing in his second King of 94 final. The previous time was King of 94 -2 where he lost to AngryJay93. So regardless of the outcome, we would be getting a new Sega Genesis champion!

The final was a great series as the games were close but in the end, Tenessee Williams pulled out the victory (1-0, 3-2, 7-6) to win his first King of 94 Championship! He was quoted afterwards "Listen, Sega Genesis is my favourite 16-bit console. The other 16-bit console is less desirable to me. It doesn't get my attention very often and many people shouldn't give it love." or as Trefizzle would say "Nobody cares about SNES"​​

SEGA Round Robin Standings

​Super Nintendo

The Duke tournament. Dantml (a lover of Sega Genesis) was back at it again. Thiss time he smashed his way through the round-robin and took top seed for the Duke Bracket and never looked back. He beat Big_Valboski in the final 1-0, 5-4, 3-7, 3-2. He became the tournament's first Double Duke winner!

Mikail (three-time winner) was not back to compete in the King so many considered it a wide-open tournament to crown a new champion.

Surprisingly no one went undefeated in the round-robin this year, and that is the first time that has happened in tournament history.

It was exciting to watch 13th-seed Tecmo Jon make a run in the lower bracket. He took down some big names in Birdman8686 (less year's duke finalist) 4-3, Annatar(two-time King finalist) 5-2, and TokenToma (one of the top SNES players in the USA) 7-4. He almost pulled off another upset against the Professor in an incredible game that went back and forth and finish 9-8 for TheProfessor.​

​The final four saw some heavy weights (Kingraph, The Professor, Koke_45, Dangler), and with Jammer and Fed eliminated earlier in the tournament, we were going to see a new SNES King of 94 champion.

​Kingraph beat TheProfessor 8-6 to guarantee him a top-three finish on both consoles. He is the first competitor to complete that feat in the tournament's history. Kingraph and Koke_45 would play a very tight and exciting series with Koke_45 winning 2-3, 6-4, 5-3.

The final was East vs West, Atlantic Ocean vs Pacific Ocean, and Super nice guy vs Super Nice Guy.

Dangler is from Nova Scotia and Koke_45 is from British Columbia.

Once again, a great series between highly skilled players as Dangler wins 1-0, 6-4, 3-4, 6-5 to win his first title!

SNES Round Robin Standings

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