SEGA Round Robin Standings

SNES Round Robin Standings

King of 94 - 5 (SNES - Dec 5-6, 2020, SEGA Dec 12-13, 2020)

(As remembered by Halifax - Dec 2022)

While covid kept us from having a live tournament, our first online King of 94 tournament presented some new opportunities. We saw excellent players compete that haven't been able to attend any of our previous live tournaments. 

​It was exciting to have our first competitors outside of North America. Limpan and Erre, both from Sweden, competed on the Sega Genesis side.

For this tournament, Round Robin groups were set to 8 games and you played a home and away against each person in your group. Win 4 games and you go into the King of 94 Bracket, 3 wins or less and you drop down to the Duke of 94 Bracket

​Sega Genesis

Not surprisingly, Angryjay93 and Kingraph blasted their way through the round robin going 8-0 and locking up the top two seeds in the bracket. corbettKb and Scribe99 would also join them at 8-0.

There were some exciting first-round series upsets in the first round, with seven series going the distance, including three upsets. Limpan (19) defeated Big_Valboski (14), Mr. T (18) over Charlesworth (15) and DPS (21) over thrillhouse (12).

​Mostly, things went as scripted through the rest of the winner's bracket. Angryjay93 and Kingraph would meet in the winner's bracket final with Angryjay93 winning 2-3, 7-6, 8-5. Kingraph would make quick work of Tennesee Williams in the loser Bracket final 7-4 and 9-3 and we would get to see another amazing final.

Kingraph would win his second title in a row in a best of 7 with scores of (0-1, 10-7, 5-4, 0-2, 7-3, 4-6, 3-2)

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