King of 94 - 2 (September 30, 2017)

(As remembered by Halifax - Nov 2022)

After a one-year hiatus, Mikey McBryan has a surprise announcement for the NHL'94 community as the tournament shifts to Las Vegas at the Downtown Grand!

This gave everyone an opportunity to watch Mikey's "Pixelated Heroes" NHL'94 Documentary for the first time! You can now view it on youtube!

​We were also fortunate to have sportscaster, Arda Ocal, join us for the weekend and he was able to capture the weekend with an excellent write-up. You can read it here.

​Sega Group A Results

Sega Group B Results

Sega Group C Results

Sega Group D Results

SNES Group E Results

SNES Group F Results

SNES Group G Results

SNES Group H Results

Sega King of 94 Results

​SNES King of 94 Results

Pic below - Jammer holding SNES Championship trophy and framed article written by Arda Ocal.